As clock strikes midnight, Jaylen Brown reportedly "not expected to instantly agree" to super-max extension

The Boston Celtics are now officially permitted to offer Jaylen Brown a 5 year $295 million super-max contract, but according to Adam Himmelsbach, "A league source said Friday that Brown is not expected to instantly agree to a deal, but both sides remain confident that one can be struck soon." My hope here is that the Celtics aren't offering the full super-max, and according to this Twitter poll below from Friday, only 1 in 3 fans think the Celtics should offer Jaylen the full $295 million. More likely the issue is that Jaylen and the Celtics are still negotiating any opt out clause or Player Option years for the Celtics All-Star. If Jaylen gets the full super-max and an opt-out or player option that will make the signing even more dubious in my opinion.

A player option would mean that if Jaylen underperforms he still gets all his money. But if he lives up to $60 million a year deal, he can threaten to bail early on the contract and get another long term deal after just 3 or 4 years. A trade kicker is another incentive that Jaylen could be asking for.

Some fans think theb hold-up is that Jaylen is waiting to see what happens with Grant Williams first, and he will take less if the Celtics can retain Grant, but that's just wishful thinking. Jaylen has made no statement of any kind to suggest he loves Boston so much he would leave money on the table to stay.

If the Celtics do offer Jaylen a deal less than the super-max it is still sure to be considerably more than he could make from any other team either in free agency or if the Celtics traded him. I don't believe the Celtics are even remotely considering trading Jaylen, because based on how salty he was about being in Kevin Durant trade rumors, if it was to leak his name was out there, the contract extension talks would get testier.

It would be a shocker if the Celtics offered the super-max or anything close to it and Jaylen rejected that offer and decided to play out his final year. Financially Jaylen's best move if he wanted out would be to do what other stars have done with their teams in the past, which is sign for the most you can get and force your way out in a trade.

If Jaylen signs the super-max it should be noted that the Celtics would be unable to trade him for a full calendar year.