Ranking the Best Boston Celtics games of all time

The Boston Celtics are renowned for being one of the most historically successful NBA teams, and their impressive array of games has undoubtedly contributed to this. From the start of their legendary dynasty to some incredible duels between extraordinary basketball players, these unforgettable matches will be a shining testament to what makes Celtic fans so passionate about their team.

Are you ready for a journey down memory lane with classic Boston championship action? Prepare for an unparalleled viewing experience exploring all that is great within Celtics basketball history!

The Birth of a Dynasty: 1957 NBA Finals Game 7
The Celtics’ first-ever championship was secured through an epic double-overtime victory in the 1957 NBA Finals Game 7, led by rookies Tom Heinsohn and Bill Russell. If you always follow the latest NBA odds, you know this win is highly regarded amongst Celtic fanatics as it began a historic reign of eight consecutive titles from 1959 to 1966 that etched Boston’s name into basketball history.

Heinsohn put together an impressive performance with 18.6 points and 8.8 rebounds per game on top of two assists while Russell set his record for most rebounds collected during playoffs (40) along with 30 points scored throughout the exciting match up, indisputably one of the greatest games seen involving this team.

Havlicek's Heroics: 1965 Eastern Conference Finals Game 7

The 1965 Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 will be forever remembered as one of the most significant moments in NBA history, thanks to John Havlicek’s renowned steal, which resulted in a Celtics victory. His impressive skill was applauded by Bob Cousy himself, another Celtic legend. Not only that, but also Larry Bird’s prowess on the court during this game gave him his iconic nickname: ‘Larry Legend.’

This remarkable triumph represents all the passion and grit for which Boston’s franchise is so well known and loved around the world today!

The Triple-Overtime Classic: 1976 NBA Finals Game 5

The Boston Celtics, renowned for their legendary status in the NBA Finals history of basketball, clinched a triple-overtime victory against the Phoenix Suns after a heated semi-finals contest. This game is popularly known as one of “the greatest games ever played” by experts and fans alike. The tenacity displayed by Jo Jo White with 33 points and 9 assists was critical to securing this success – showing grit even at times of adversity, just like European Cup Final or Scottish Cup would expect from teams playing such competitions.

Glasgow Cup matches also display similar intensity as seen during Game 5 back in 1976 between these two titanic squads vying for glory on the court.

Bird vs. Magic: 1984 NBA Finals Game 7

The 1984 NBA Finals Game 7 marked the peak of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson’s famed rivalry, with Bird leading his Celtics to a win that saw them take home their 15th title. As well as earning him MVP for the series, he finished an impressive triple-double - 29 points, 11 rebounds, and 12 assists.

This grand eight-season duel between two basketball greats left lasting impressions on generations of NBA fanatics – creating unforgettable memories from what had been dubbed ‘the greatest game ever.’

The Comeback Kids: 2002 Eastern Conference Finals Game 3

In 2002, the Eastern Conference Finals Game 3 will go down in history as it saw an astonishing comeback from a 21-point deficit by Boston’s own Celtics. Led to victory by Paul Pierce and his 28 points. Nineteen were scored within just 12 minutes towards the end, showing true resilience for this legendary team.

This incredible moment indicates what it means to be part of The Boston Celtics, portraying their unwavering determination no matter how bleak things may seem.

Pierce's Duel with LeBron: 2008 Eastern Conference Semifinals Game 7
The Boston Celtics, a franchise with one of the most impressive histories in the NBA, triumphed over the Cleveland Cavaliers at Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Semifinals 2008. All eyes were on Paul Pierce and LeBron James as they both battled to be crowned victor - it was ultimately Peirce’s 41 points combined with two free throws that sealed his victory at just 7.9 seconds left before full time that gave “Celtic won” its special meaning. His incredible showing enabled The Celtic’s championship run and further cemented their legacy. The Big Three's Championship Run: 2008 NBA Finals Game 6

In 2008, the Celtics won their 17th NBA championship with an all star team comprised of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce, famously known as The Big Three. Their successful season was a testament to the legendary players who had come before them, such as Kevin McHale. All three contributed immensely to leading this remarkable campaign culminating in Finals Game 6 victory for Boston’s beloved franchise.

KG accepted a less prominent offensive role on his arrival from Minnesota. Instead, exhibiting elite defense qualities became synonymous with ‘Celtic Pride’ throughout that title-winning year. Similarly, contributions by both Allen & Pierce (in terms of shooting prowess and clutch plays, respectively) will not soon be forgotten by those passionate supporters of green n’ white!

Isaiah Thomas' Emotional 53-Point Game: 2017 Eastern Conference Semifinals Game 2

In an unforgettable game, Isaiah Thomas propelled the Celtics to a 129-119 win over the Washington Wizards in Game 2 of 2017’s Eastern Conference Semifinals.

On what would have been his late sister’s birthday, he amassed 53 points and demonstrated immense courage while playing through personal pain—a performance that will remain etched in Celtics history for years to come. His remarkable feat was meaningful on its own and served as a testament to how sports can be uplifting even during tough times. It showed all athletes how much strength is possible when determination prevails.

Tatum's Rookie Breakout: 2018 Eastern Conference Finals Game 7

Jayson Tatum’s remarkable display in the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals Game 7, even though the Boston Celtics were not victorious against the Cleveland Cavaliers, exposed his potential to be a star. Despite such an intense situation as a deciding game, he totaled 24 points alongside four assists and seven rebounds, showing that he could thrive under high pressure while only playing his rookie season.

The Celtics ultimately failed to win it all, but thanks to Tatum’s breakout appearance during this momentous match, we can see what kind of great things are likely ahead for him and the team.