Danny Ainge's Utah Jazz acquire John Collins from Atlanta Hawks

If you've been a reader of Celtics Life for the past several years John Collins was always a player I hoped Danny Ainge would acquire for the Celtics. Ainge finally made the move, but Collins will be joining Danny's new team the Utah Jazz instead. Collins messed up one of his fingers really bad on a dunk a couple seasons ago and he hasn't shot the 3 ball nearly as well since then. That's why he was basically given away.

If Collins can get that finger fixed or adapt properly on how to shoot with it, this is an absolute steal for the Jazz. Even if he doesn't, Collins at $26 million a year isn't that bad at all. That's now only half of a max contract or even less of a super max.

Prior to the Porzingis trade, I wonder if the Celtics tried to trade for Collins? Atlanta I'm guessing much preferred to send him out west though.

Ainge is killing it with his rebuild of the Jazz so far. I think the key for him will be if he can eventually trade some of his draft capital to move up and draft his own Jayson Tatum for the Jazz. You need a superstar to compete for ta title in the NBA and it's not like established stars have ever chosen Utah. Ainge will need to draft one.