UPDATE Celtics "closing in" on trade to land Washington big man Kristaps Porzingis

Depending on whether the draft compensation would include the Celtics surrendering any 1st round picks would determine if this trade would be a win or not for Boston. Today is the date that Kristaps Porzingis needs to opt in to his player option, so if this trade was going to go down it would be at now-thirty.

Malcolm Brogdon is seen as the guard the Celtics are most likely to trade to improve up front. Ironically the Clippers are also attempting to trade for Chris Paul from Washington, so that complicates things. Presumably it's one or the other point guard, so if CP3 is traded to the Clips, this trade would be off.

Marcus Morris who rivals only Jae Crowder in terms of NBA players rarely content for long with their role would like a larger one than the Clippers are currently giving him. He'd either get that in Washington or would be bought out.

Since Porzingis makes considerably more than Brogodon, Boston would also have to include additional contracts. Hopefully Payton Pritchard would not be one of them.

By my math Danilo Galliari would be enough contract wise to make the trade legal.

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