Why the Celtics should close their series against the Hawks tonight

This year, we are seeing a few series where upsets are becoming more possible, with each passing game. That is the case with the Lakers getting close to finishing their series against the number one Grizzlies (leading 3 to 1) and the Heat doing exactly the same to the Bucks. However, there should not be any upset in the case of the Boston Celtics, and here is why.

Boston is looking Ahead

Players and coaches will all tell you that all they are focusing on is their next ball game. But that is probably a little untrue. It is human nature to want to peek into the future, if only by staying up-to-date on what is happening in the other series that will affect them later on, if they do make it to the second round. Therefore, it is highly probable that they have noticed that the Milwaukee Bucks are taking a beating at the hands of the Miami Heat, who are leading their series 3 to 1. Since the Bucks were the only better team in the Eastern Conference this year, in front of the Celtics, that can certainly give the Boston players a lot of confidence, and increase their hope and belief that they can make it all the way to the final, this year. Whatever you believe is going to happen in this series and the others, you can compare your own bracket choices to these NBA predictions, picks and advice from Sportytrader's basketball experts.

Performing Well against the Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks have been a so-so team in the season 2022/23, which their results clearly show, as they closed with a .500, having lost and won precisely 41 games each. When you compare that to the 57 wins and 25 losses of the Boston Celtics, it shows that there is a great strength difference between the two teams. But most importantly, the various games between them were at the image of their own seasons. Boston has won six of the last seven meetings, going back all the way to November 17. The only time the Hawks won, was the second game of the current series, in Boston. To lose one game in a playoff series is almost normal. It is very rare that a team will sweep its adversary, no matter how much stronger they are. But now, that they are coming back to Boston, it is fair to imagine that the Celtics players will not want to go back to Atlanta to play another game, having the possibility to close this series tonight, once an for all.

Boston is a City on Fire

Rooting against Boston teams right now is certainly not a safe bet. With the NHL Bruins on fire, and coming back home to close their own series against the Florida Panthers on Wednesday night, the city is alive with belief that they can win both the NBA and NHL title, in the coming months. And why not? These two teams certainly look like they can take it all the way. For all these reasons, it is fair to say that the Celtics should close their series in Boston, tonight.