Stephen A. Smith: "Celtics look like a team on the verge of being swept"

Sports media is all about hyperbole now, so no surprise that we're gettig the Celtics are going to get swept opinions. Smith was already proven partly wrong when the Lakers lost Game 3 at home. I suppose if they salvage a Game 4 win he can claim he didn't take an L, but Los Angeles has a long history of getting swept when down 3-0.

As for the Celtics, Boston tends to perform to their full level when their backs are against the wall moreso than when they are the favorites, so I'm expecting Tatum and company to pick up a Game 3 win tonight. That said, Jimmy Butler has been the best player in the series so far and has that "dog in him" drive that everyone wants their superstars to have, but only a few legitimately do. Plus Spoelsta is a better coach than Mazzulla, so its not like I'm 100% confident in the Celtics tonight.

I don't see Mazzulla deviating from his everyone switches defense and keying on Butler like Miami has on Tatum. Hopefully though Mazzulla has figured out a strategy to counter act Spo's 4th quarter defensive game plan against Tatum. And maybe Jaylen Brown will actually decide to be a positive in this series tonight.

Boston has considerably more talent than Miami, so a series loss would be embarassing. Even moreso if it's done in a short manner.

The last time the Celtics came back from a 2-0 series deficit was actually against Jimmy Butler. That weird Chicago Bulls team with Butler, Dwyane Wade, and Rajon Rondo.