Celtics unable to trade Jaylen Brown for a year if he signs supermax contract

I felt like I was on an island when I was the lone person not rooting for Jaylen Brown to be voted on an All-NBA team. The rationale by most fans was that if you can significantly pay Jaylen more than any other team that he will re-sign with Boston instead of walking. Reality is even if he wasn't supermax eligible he could still make the most by staying in Boston due to the 5 year contract instead of 4.

No one wanted Jaylen to be forced to take a hometown discount to stay in Boston. He would still make the most here. But he did get voted on the All-NBA team and players will ask for the most they can get, so you're in a bind. According to Brian Windhorst, "In talking to people on both sides, I think there's a very good chance they're going to find ground on [a supermax contract]."

A supermax deal would be 35% of the salary cap and would Jaylen inleigible for a trade for 12 months. So the idea of signing Jaylen and then trading him with a long term deal, so the other team gives up max assets is not in play. If Windhorst is to be believed, the Celtics are leaning to just giving Jaylen the supermax, which would mean barring some crazy Jayson Tatum trade the Jays would stay in tact for their 7th season together.

With Joe Mazzulla likely to be retained, there would be no real shake up. You could trade Marcus Smart, but honestly he was more of a steadying presence during the Eastern Conference Finals than the Jays. Personally I think it's time to move on from Jaylen as he's not the ideal fit next to Tatum. Unfortunately everyone's wish for him to become supermax eligible has put the team in a bind.