Celtics stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown make All-NBA teams

As expected Boston Celtics All-Stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown made All-NBA teams on Wednesday. Both players are now eligible for supermax contracts.

Some fans had worried that if Jaylen Brown didn't make an All-NBA team that he'd leave the Celtics despite them still being able to pay him the most. That Jaylen would take less to play elsewhere. Now that he can make the supermax, it's a no-brainer that he re-signs with the Celtics, as he'd be leaving a whopping some of millions on the table to walk as a free agent.

As always we should caution that players can still ask out even if they are under contract and most star players have out clauses or player options in their deals. Jayson Tatum who recently signed an extension can use that player flexibility to sign an even larger super max deal as well next summer.

Jayson Tatum made All-NBA 1st team while Jaylen made the 2nd team. Here are all fifteen players who made an All-NBA team, as well as the voting totals.