Celtics expected to retain Mazzulla as head coach with $14 million left on his deal

Joe Mazzulla's interim tag was removed as the All-Star break began and the Celtics were sitting in the #1 seed. Today we learned from Shams Charania some more specifics on the new contract Mazzulla agreed to at that time. In addition to what Joe was paid this season, he still has another guaranteed $14 million coming to him over the next three seasons.

The Celtics reportedly have no desire to replace Mazzulla and while he should have a boosted bench of assistants for next season, it appears that Joe will be making the call on who those assistants are. Still don't know why the Celtics didn't add assistants when Ime Udoka left and Joe was promoted, and then again when Damon Stoudamire left, but oh well. At least the bench shouldn't be as undermanned this coming season. For fans looking for some excitement, there are even rumors circulating that the team might offer a special promotion - claim 1000 free spins no deposit - as part of their upcoming game day events.

The Celtics fell short of completing the first-ever comeback from an 0-3 deficit in NBA history. But, in battling back to tie the series, there definitely seems to have been a lot of momentum built by first-year head coach Joe Mazzulla.
The impression I'm getting is that the Celtics and Mazzulla will be looking to elevate his bench with more assistant coaching help in the offseason. As a result of the whirlwind fashion in which he got the main job just prior to the season following the Ime Udoka situation, he never really got a chance to align his own coaching staff and should get a chance to do so this summer.
According to league sources, Mazzulla has $14 million guaranteed on his deal, which spans over the next three years.