Celtics best matches so far

The Celtics have been killing it on the court lately with their savvy strategy to save time when they're ahead on points. They've done this in quite a few games now, much to the chagrin of their opponents and even leaving some referees scratching their heads. In fact, in some games they've managed to stop playing for almost 30 whole seconds.

The algorithm is simple: before the last two minutes of play, the game clock starts after each basket is scored. However, the possession clock doesn't start until someone actually touches the ball. This allows them to control possession without being forced to pick up the ball and waste precious seconds off that ticking clock. And that means less time for their opponents to mount a comeback.

So let's break down some of Boston's best matches so far where this strategy has really paid off.

Home Winners – 1987 Eastern Conference Finals

This was where two franchises with big ambitions met: Boston Celtics led by Larry Bird and Detroit Pistons. This series was held in a tough fight, the teams won every home match. The thrill of watching these home series was similar to live casino online – you never know whether you win or not, and this adds to the overall excitement.

The first two matches were taken by Boston, the next two Detroit equalized the score in the series. The 5th match was in full swing and was one of the decisive ones who will get to the final. Boston needed to take this match as it was a famous match at their home stadium TD Garden.

Boston started well and broke away in the first quarter of the match by almost 10 points. In the league of those times, 10 points was a significant handicap that Boston gave. But the second quarter went to Detroit for a quarter, and Boston was already leading by just one shot. During the break, all the fans understood that it would be a tough and vicious fight. That was exactly what the 3rd quarter was, which Detroit won 29-28. With 17 seconds left in the game, Detroit has a 1 point lead, the ball is in Boston's hands. Of course, the decisive shot was entrusted to Larry Bird, but he was met by 3 defenders and he lost the ball. But, with 1 second left in the match, Larry Bird corrects his mistake and makes a crazy interception and Boston wins the match with a score of 108-107.

Through the Pain – 2008 NBA Championship Finals

The first thrilling game at Boston's home stadium. Boston's new experimental team, where the club tried to put together 3 AAA stars at the age to reach the championship:

  • Kevin Garnett stayed up in Minnesota

  • Paul Pierce was waiting for help at Boston

  • Ray Allen did not understand who he could help win the championship.

This series is a long-standing confrontation between franchises, and all fans understood what level the games would be. Boston's opponent was the Lakers with Kobe Bryant. The score in the series is 0-0 and on June 5 the first match starts at the TD Garden stadium

Teams looked closely at each other and started the match leisurely. The teams finished the first quarter 21-23 in Boston's favor, but in the second quarter the Lakers got the upper hand and the first half ended in. advantage of the Lakers in 5 points. Boston understood that this was a home game and in no way possible gave the first game in the series and started the 3rd quarter well. But there was a severe injury to Paul Pierce where he injured his knee.

And they took him out of the field in a wheelchair. The fans knew it was a serious problem for this game. But with the score at 62-62, Paul Pierce came on the field, played the rest of the game well and got the win for the Celtics. He brought 22 points and only 3 misses per game.

Against Champions – 2021 NBA Championship

It's 2022, Boston easily passes the first round of the playoffs, and wins 4-0 against the Brooklyn Nets. Boston understands that their next opponent in the semifinals is the defending 2021 NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks.

And Milwaukee showed class and won the first game of the series without one key player on the home field of Boston. Of course, such factors could be very demotivating. Nevertheless, Boston understood the importance of the next home game. It was impossible to give the opponent a chance, the stands supported throughout the match and Boston equalized the series (1-1) and expected away matches.

Boston missed the first away match and faced a very difficult situation. Not a home field, the series was 1-2, and if you showed weakness and lost the next match, it would be very difficult to equalize the series. And in match 4, Tatum took everything into his own hands and played a great match with 30 points. And despite the fact that it was a very difficult match, thanks to 4 devastating quarters with a score of 43-28, the Celtics won the match and leveled the series.

Without any doubt, these non-home matches have awakened something incredible in Tatum. Boston won this series in their next home game.