What to expect of the Boston Celtics vs San Antonio Spurs Game on March 26?

When the two teams met for the last time, in early January, the Celtics managed to win the game by a few points (121 to 116). Although it is hard to imagine a different outcome for their next match-up, let's take a look at where the two teams stand at this point in time and why the Celtics should be considered favourite.

A Look at the Current Standings

Although it is true that the two teams don't play in the same conference, we can still tell a lot by where they rank in their respective one. In the Eastern Conference, the Celtics find themselves in second place, only trailing the Milwaukee Bucks by a small difference in the number of victories, which they can still make up, before the end of the season, in order to finish in first place.

As for the Spurs, we can safely say that they will not make the playoffs this year, as they can be found at the very end of the standings in the West. At the time of writing these lines, they were trailing behind the leader by 29. These two statistics clearly show that the Spurs are not on the same level as the Celtics in the NBA, this year, with the Spurs percentage of winning being at .257, while the Celtics is at .690. These numbers can certainly make fans feel safe about the outcome, when they place a bet on the game also there is a comparison of the latest basketball odds on Wincomparator to choose the best odds possible for further bets.

What is the Celtics Weakness That could make a Difference in this Match-up?

If there is one thing that can play in the Spurs favour, it is the recent play of the Celtics. Indeed, during their last 10 games, they have only won half of them. As we come close to the end of the season, they may be showing fatigue. This also means that the Celtics coach may be tempted to rest some of his best players, as they will be playing a very weak team, which is last in its conference. That said, as we write these lines, they did win their last two games. As for the Spurs, for a team that has won only 18 games all year, they did get the better of four of their last ten, while losing the previous two.

Who should the Celtics be afraid of, as the Playoffs approach?

If there is one team that everybody has had a tough time to beat lately, it has to be the 76ers. They have only lost once in their last ten games, and now own a record of eight victories and no loss in their ultimate match-ups. Gaining momentum at the right time is often a strength that is hard to beat, at the end of the year. Still, we can't forget the Milwaukee Bucks which sit in front of the Celtics. They will certainly be part of the difficult teams to oust, when the playoffs start.