NBA: Top Celtic players from the past

The NBA is a widely loved sport, with millions tuning in to watch the games and place a few bets after looking at the NBA odds. Today we take a look at the Celtics version of the NBA and show you a few players who have made history during their time at the Boston Celtics.

Who are the NBA Celtics?

The NBA Celtics are a team that participates in the NBA. The Celtics, which are formally known as the Boston Celtics, was founded in 1946 as one of the original teams to participate in the NBA.

The Celtics compete as a member of the NBA through the Eastern Conference Atlantic Division and always play home games at TD Garden. The Celtics come in as one of the most successful teams within its field and the NBA.

Celtic Players: Top Players

We've all wanted to find out who was and is the best in the business, especially during basketball season. Below we take a look at some of the best Celtic players who actually made a difference.

Bill Russell

If you're looking for someone who changed the Celtics team, then you've found the right man for the job, and he goes by the name of Bill Russell. Russell joined the Boston Celtics in 1956 and helped transform the game of basketball entirely, which makes his contribution to the Celtics a lot more personal than many of us may think.

During his time at the Celtics, Russell used his height to tower over his opponents. His height, accompanied by his instincts, would assist greatly with defense. Unfortunately, Russell wasn't much of a scorer, but that did not minimize his contribution in any way, and he made his mark on the team as a shot-blocker, rebounder, and passer even though his passers position was extremely underrated.

In fact, Russell was so amazing that the only years he never won a championship were 1958 and 1967, making him worthy of having the NBA Finals MVP trophy named after him.

Larry Bird

In the 1970s, the Boston Celtics found themselves in trouble as their performance wasn't as great as it used to be. This was until Larry Bird joined the party and restored the team to its former glory.

Many may argue that Bird wasn't the most athletic player, but what he lacked in athletics he made up for with creativity making a non-conventional player who made his mark his own way.

During his time, Bird was an extremely difficult player to cover offensively and had limitless range. He also had the amazing gift of being able to back down smaller defenders. Bird's talents didn't end there.

He was an amazing deft passer and made his moves so quickly that teammates would have the ball way before defenders knew it had left the hands of Bird.

During the latter stages of his career, Bird found himself sustaining black injuries making it harder for him on the court and slowing him down immensely. Even during his injury phase, Bird still did his best on the court and later retired.

John Havlicek

You may have bumped into John Havlicek but not under this name but rather as Hondo. Havlicek played in the NBA from 1962 to 1978, which translates to 16 seasons which is amazing for the poor traveling conditions during that time.

Other factors include a lack of proper medical technology and extreme player schedules, which caused a lot of wear and tear on players.

In the 1970s, his role expanded with the loss of Russell and Sam Jones. Between 1971 and 1972, Havlicek found himself leading the team, causing him to create strong bonds with players such as Dave Cowens.

Havlicek played the role of shooter and lockdown defender and was also amazing at handling and playing off the ball. In addition, Havlicek was a superb athlete who thrived on things such as the fast break and was always willing to maneuver his body to help the team.