Can the Celtics retake the 1st seed from the Bucks?

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With 8 games left in the regular season, the Celtics have found themselves 2 games behind Milwaukee for the first seed, and 2 games ahead of Philadelphia. Since the Celtics won the tiebreaker against the Sixers in a 110-107 victory on Feb. 25th, it seems very unlikely that Philly can make a late season push to overtake the Celtics.

Even though the Celtics are two games behind the Bucks, it is still theoretically possible for them to regain the first seed. Boston is currently on a 2 game winstreak, and the team has been playing its best basketball since the All-Star break. With the Celtics seemingly gaining momentum heading into the postseason, it begs the question. Is it possible to usurp the Bucks before the end of the season?

Milwaukee, who is 12-4 since the All-Star break, was routed by the Denver Nuggets last night. Even after a loss, they still have a solid hold on the first seed in the East. In the final 8 games of the season, Milwaukee will have an average strength of schedule, and there is a significant chance that they can win out. What can the Celtics do?

On Thursday March 30th, the Celtics travel to Milwaukee to face Giannis and company. Boston beat the Bucks early in the season, but the Bucks tied the series up in an OT thriller right before All Star break. This means that the March 30th game will be the tiebreaker for the two teams.

For the Celtics to have a chance to take the first seed, they need to win against the Bucks in Milwaukee. Luckily, the Celtics have witnessed a strong return to form the last two games, and have been generating some positive momentum.

But will it be enough? Despite their loss to Denver, the Bucks are still playing great basketball post All-Star. The Celtics need to treat this game like it's the playoffs, since the two teams will surely matchup again later in the postseason.