How could the Celtics upgrade their roster at a low cost?


Back in 2022, the Boston Celtics agreed to an almost $6 million traded player exception (TPE) as part of a deal involving Dennis Schroder moving to the Houston Rockets. Almost one year later, that same deal is set to expire on Friday. One way for the Boston Celtics to make upgrades that will cause the least amount of impact on their funds would be to absorb a valuable player through their traded player exception in exchange for either one or two picks in the second round. In addition to this, they can add a player from the bottom of their bench to improve their squad and increase their NBA odds in the coming season.

Getting the best value for money can be difficult in the NBA but there are a number of players that the Boston Celtics could look at to enhance their squad. Here are some of the most popular picks that could improve the quality of the Celtics’ squad.

Cam Reddish

Cam Reddish is regarded as being one of these all-around players that are good at just about every component of basketball. The Knicks took Cam Reddish into their squad last year by sending Kevin Knox II, a player many regarded as being a future first-round pick, to Atlanta. Over 35 games, Reddish averaged around 7.4 points, 30% shooting beyond the arc as well as 1.5 rebounds. Since December, the up-and-coming player has improved his performance, averaging 8.4 points per game as well as 1.6 rebounds, and finishing around 30% of the 3s he's attempted. Yet unfortunately, Reddish recently hasn’t been living up to his expectation; however, this gives a good opportunity for the Boston Celtics to turn this player around and unlock his full potential as a future star. In addition to this, because of his recent underwhelming performances, it wouldn’t cost a lot for the Celtics to take a chance on Cam Reddish, especially when New York is ready to trade him.

Kenrich Williams


Kenrich Williams is a player that has been shown to bring his all to the court when he is subbed onto a game. He is currently averaging 7.8 points per game with an almost 40% conversion of 3-pointers in each game. Williams is a player that looks like he would fit right into the Celtic's current squad as someone that would have great chemistry with Grant Williams or even act as his replacement, although it is only likely that Grant Williams will move to another team if he is offered a starting spot from a team such as the Miami Heat.

Kenrich Williams is a dangerous forward that creates lots of scoring chances in a match, which is exactly what the Boston Celtics need. In reality, obtaining Williams would come at the cost of several picks in the second round, and potentially including Payton Pritchard or Sam Hauser. However, if there is a world in which Grant Williams is traded to improve the depth of the Celtics team on the wings or at the center, and if Oklahoma City makes a trade for Hauser, then this could become a viable solution, and is one to look out for.

Cory Joseph

Cory Joseph is another player like Kenrich Williams that would be part of a two-step plan. If, for example, the Boston Celtics decide to trade Payton Pritchard, then they could also take Naz Reid into their squad from the Timberwolves. Subsequently, the Celtics could make a deal with the Pistons for Cory Joseph as an insurance policy for the point guard position.

Cory Joseph is now in his 12th season in the NBA and is regarded as being a talented ball handler who would add some much-needed quality to the Celtics. Throughout his career, Joseph has averaged a 34.2% success rate of 3s, as well as a 41.4% success rate of long-range attempts. It is thought that the Celtics might just be the perfect opportunity for Joseph to flourish alongside players such as Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

Garrison Matthews


The Boston Celtics have the opportunity to use their almost $6 million traded player exception to acquire a player that is low-cost and will help them finish off the regular season with a respectable conclusion. For this reason, Garrison Matthews looks like someone that might just fit this role, with a 36.6% success rate of 3s in 4.1 attempts per game. Garrison Matthews is currently on a non-guaranteed deal worth $2 million for the 2023-2024 season.

Matthews is currently having an off-season, averaging just 4.8 points per game with a shooting accuracy of just 34% beyond the arc. However, during the training camp held by the Celtics in 2021, Matthews was averaging a 3s success rate of 36% in 5.9 shots taken per game, so there is still the potential for this player to return to his former performance levels.