Celtics pursuing trade for big man

Mo Bamba is readily available as the Orlando Magic are stacked with bigs, while Jakob Poeltl would cost 1st round draft capital. Neither player can play next to Robert Williams, so they would serve as his back-up and insurance if he misses games. Or if Al Horford misses games, the Celtics wouldn't have to play guys like Luke Kornet as the lone big on the court when Time Lord needs a blow.

In a more ideal world the Celtics would snag another center who can also stretch the floor, but those are hard to come by, especially without selling the farm. Most bigs who can stretch the floor are less athletic and can't defend on the wing and protect the rim. And most guys who can protect the rim and switch onto smaller players can't hot 3's. That's kind of why Al Horford was so key to this Celtics team's success last season as well as this campaign.

Due to the Celtics position atop the NBA standings, Boston could be a real player in the buyout market post NBA trade deadline. So it's key not to waste solid assets like Pritchard or first round picks on a return that isn't any better than what will be available post deadline.

This guy would have been pretty ideal: