BREAKING: Brooklyn Nets trade Kevin Durant to Phoenix Suns for major haul

Jae Crowder and TJ Warren will also be swapping teams as part of the deal. The Nets are expected to try and reroute Crowder by the deadline.

This blockbuster trumps the flurry of players traded earlier on the eve of NBA Trade Deadline Day. The Suns with their new owner are going all-in on a star studded team while the Nets get a sweet haul back for their older superstar in Kevin Durant.

Expect the Nets to use some of those picks to rebuild by next season as the Rockets own all of Brooklyn's picks in the next five drafts (3 outright, 2 pick swaps), so they can't bottom out. The Suns now become the favorite out west. This trade also mercifully finally puts to rest the Kevin Durant to Boston for Jaylen Brown (and additional assets) talk.