Steph Curry leads the way in top-selling NBA jersey sales leaderboard for 2022-23

The stats regarding NBA player jersey sales for the first half of the 2022-23 season make for interesting reading. While some players are obvious selections due to their celebrity status, legendary NBA prowess, and overall popularity, it’s always a fascinating sight to see how the usual suspects line up with upcoming talent.

At the head of the list, In first place, you have Steph Curry, which isn’t entirely surprising given he is an obvious fan magnet and is, of course, a reigning NBA champion, and he’s closely followed by the Los Angeles Lakers behemoth LeBron James, who is still impressive for the Arena team, even though they continue to struggle for form befitting the standing of the team.

Interestingly, despite the off-form Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker finds himself in the top ten, and if you are a sports betting fan who believes that Chris Paul and co. can turn things around, then check out this WynnBET Arizona review and consider placing a bet on the Footprint Center franchise.

In terms of the teams placed in the most popular team merchandise list, the impressive, ongoing run of form experienced by the Boston Celtics has seen them move into third place behind the Lakers and the Golden State Warriors, and that’s quite an achievement.

Last season Ime Udoka’s side went all the way to the NBA Finals, losing to the Warriors in six games, their best season in over a decade. Under Udoka’s replacement, Joe Mazzulla, things continue to move in the right direction, and the TD Garden team is 35-12 and top of the Eastern Conference.

Obviously, the likes of Jayson Tatum have helped to shift jerseys, but all in all, things are looking very good in Boston right now.

This is the first time Curry has hit the top spot since 2018-18, while Ja Morant’s move up to sixth is the most significant jump on the list, and both the Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks have moved up three places on the team list.

While these lists are, to some extent, based on form and ability, it is obvious that some players are simply big names, even if they haven’t achieved all that much on a personal or team level in a while.

On the flip side, you have players whose teams are not so visible on franchise lists, with both Ja Morant and Damian Lilliard being present in the top ten of player jersey sales while their respective teams, the Memphis Grizzlies and the Portland Trail Blazers, didn’t make the team list.

Additionally, a player’s popularity may not be a reflection of their obvious talents and abilities; take, for instance, Nikola Jokic, who is a very good bet to make it three NBA MVP awards in a row; the Serb doesn’t even make the top fifteen list. This may also be in part due to the fact that the Denver Nuggets are not exactly a marketable team brand.

It is good to see European players well represented, though. In third place comes the Bucks’ Greek superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo and in fourth, there’s Dallas Mavericks’ Slovenian ace Luka Doncic.