Boston media responds to being blamed for Embiid All-Star starter snub

Joel Embiid didn't make the starting roster for this year's All-Star game. There were four deserving frontcourt players in Giannis, Durant, Embiid, and Boston's own Jayson Tatum for only three spots. If Tatum didn't make it, you'd expect Brad Stevens to argue he was snubbed. Philadelphia 76ers president Daryl Morey did that for his guy, but he targeted Boston media for the snub and some of the same guys who get on players for being thin skinned didn't exactly have thick skin themselves when the shoe was on the other foot.

Take for example NBC Sports Boston's Chris Mannix who almost had a conniption over the criticism:

Mannix in the video is calling out Morey for leaving the Rockets and then joining the 76ers shortly after, which is rather unfair. What was Morey supposed to say when he left the Rockets? That he doesn't think the team is willing to pay to compete anymore? Or that they are getting rid of him due to his criticism of China?

Those are good ways not to get a job again. And keep in mind that Boston's own Danny Ainge used the take some time off card as well when he left the Celtics in 2021, only to join the Utah Jazz shortly after.

Now if Mannix and Simmons really voted for Embiid to start, than that meant they left either Giannis, Tatum, or Durant off. My guess here is both left Durant off, partly since they don't like him as a person. And if Embiid finished top 3 in the media than yes Morey's criticism of the Boston media as "shameless" loses a ton of weight. With that said the hypocrisy of a sports reporter getting all in his feels about a criticism that didn't even personally name anyone is rather rich.