Jaylen Brown reacts to renowned travel snitch DevInTheLab

I became aware of @DevInnTheLab a couple weeks ago with the below Ja Morant video. His statement "Morant has to be stopped. Pure basketball has vanished from the earth and I’m snitching on everyone. - the number 1 social media snitch ref" cracked me up and so did the video. The way he clicks his keyboard and all his reactions to me are humorous. The line about him picking up his son everyday and he still carries him less than Ja does the basketball was also gold. Dev has also created snithc videos for Lamelo Ball, Reggiee Jackson, and Chris Paul among others.

When Jaylen anounced that he thought the NBA was picking on him with travel calls, you just knew a video would be coming up. Dev teased that he would have a video coming Monday afternoon:

And then tonight he gave the Twitterverse what he promised. I love how Jaylen Brown knows that its all in good fun and didn't act like Dev was some "hater." Instead Jaylen admits, "I respect it and I agree lol let’s just keep it consistent ima clean it up everybody be traveling and carrying 🙃 the rules allowed it."

Rare to see someone on social media saying "You're right. I'm going to improve." Nothing, but playful fun between Dev and these NBA players. And of course Jaylen Brown's main point he's still making is for NBA refs to make sure they are being consistent. He can handle the travel calls on him, if everyone else is also getting the same treatment. And I 100% agree with that statement.

I've always felt that superstars shouldn't get superstar treatment in sports. Fouls shoudl be called the same for all players in the NBA and the strike zone should be the same for all hitters and pitchers in Major League Baseball.