Have the Brooklyn Nets become the team to fear again?

Just nineteen months ago the Brooklyn Nets were the NBA's most dominant super team. They had Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden and were the favorites to win the NBA title after knocking off the Celtics in 5 games. Since then, the Celtics changed team presidents and have had two coaching changes, while the Nets imploded last year due to Harden wanting out and Kyrie playing less than half of their games.

Durant demanded a trade this offseason and the Nets begrudgingly took back Irving for the final year of his deal. A poor start by Ben Simmons and a suspension of Irving added to the chaos in Brooklyn. But now they seem to have righted the ship under their new head coach Jacque Vaughn and are the hottest team in the NBA, winners of their last 8 games (and 12 of their last 13).

The Celtics now lead the Nets by only two games in the standings. Stephen A. Smith believes the Nets are the team the Celtics and Bucks should be worried about and not each other. Personally as a Celtics fan, I try not to take anyone too much for granted. I think both the Bucks and Nets will be tough outs in the playoffs. I'm also not sleeping on the Cleveland Cavaliers who have posed problems for Boston this season.

What say you on this Christmas Day? Are the Nets the team you're most worried about in the East? Or do you think they will implode again?