NBA News: Primo goes unclaimed off waivers; 76ers stripped of two 2nd rounders over tampering

NBA teams decided to pass on claiming recently waived #12 overall, 2021 San Antonio Spurs draft pick Joshua Primo. He was suddenly shockingly waived last week. It came out within a day that he allegedly had exposed himself to multiple women includung a Spurs' staffer.

Expect another team to eventually sign Primo as he's only 19 and has a lot of potential. They will claim they are giving Primo a "second chance, like everyone deserves."

In other NBA news the league concluded its tampering investigation into the Philadelphia 76ers and have stripped the team of their 2023 and 2024 2nd round draft picks. Similar to last year with the Chicago Bulls and Lonzo Ball and the Miami Heat and Kyle Lowry, stripping playoff teams of 2nd round picks is a slap on the wrist. It's worth it to trade a 2nd rounder or two to get the free agent you want.

The 76ers were found guilty of engaging in conversations with opposing teams' free agents PJ Tucker and Danuel House Jr prior to the start of NBA free agency. All teams it appears have discussions with free agents prior to the start of free agency, but the NBA tends to frown on when it becomes way too obvious. Again, they have yet to strip any team of a 1st round pick or anything significant though, so teams will continue to do it.

The league's investigation into the New York Knicks signing of Jalen Brunson continues.