UPDATE: Ime Udoka's violation of organizational guidelines disclosed; Suspension could last whole season

Well there you go. As Greg Dickerson wrote, I was expecting the worst and hoping for the best. In no way is this nothing, but it's a lot less bad than I feared. Ime Udoka who is married to actress Nia Long, according to Shams Charania had an affair with a female meneber of the Celtics team staff.

Unless I'm reading the verbage wrong the "improper" part that Shams is talking about is that staff isn't supposed to have intimate relationships with each other. Similiar to a manager and an employee aren't supposed to have them.

A head coach or famous person cheating on their wife is no shocker of a story in 2022 unfortunately. The issue for the Celtics was who he decided to have the affair with.

Based on this new knowledge, as of 12:54 AM, I'm going to predict the suspension will be for about 15 games and Udoka will return back to the team after that. In the meantime Joe Mazzulla will run the team.

Expect the Celtics to officially comment on this sometime today.


I guess I still can't go to bed. Another bomb. This time Woj with the counter attack to Shams last hit.