Warriors take 3-2 series lead as they dominate 4th quarter in 104-94 win over Celtics

The Celtics had captured the lead in the 3rd quarter, but then ended that quarter with a Jaylen Brown brick 3-pointer, followed by this Jordan Poole buzzer beater:

Then everything that could have gone wrong more or less went wrong in the 4th quarter. Missed free throws, more and more turnovers, loss of composure, and missed shots. Now the much more experienced Warriors have two shots to finish the Celtics off.

The Celtics bench scored a putrid 4 points in the game (not counting the final garbage time minute when Nesmith and Kornet hit a couple shots).

Boston's insistence on staying below the luxury tax versus the Warriors' league leading payroll is showing in this series. I have a decent amount of confidence that Boston can and should win Game 6, but the 2nd half of Game 7 in Golden State scares me to death.