Colin Cowherd bashes Jayson Tatum for having "questioned" himself as leader

Colin Cowherd on THE HERD today was very critical of Jayson Tatum's self reflective comments from yesterday on dealing with the Celtics woes earlier this season. Here is what Tatum said yesterday:

“I’ll be honest, for myself, there have been times where I questioned, am I the right person to kind of lead a group like this,” Tatum said on Wednesday. “Never like doubted myself, but just moments after some of those losses and the tougher parts of the season.

"That’s human nature to kind of question yourself and things like that. But just always stick to what you believe in and trust in the work that you’ve put in. It can’t rain forever.”

Cowherd uses NBA greats like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Kobe Bryant in comparison to Tatum to make his argument that the latter is weak. Obviously Celtics fans will no doubt hate Cowherd's take and call him a clown.

Truth be told the issue of having extreme confidence, being an alpha, etc isn't a new debate around the NBA. I remember people using the argument that a player like David Robinson was "too nice" to lead his team to an NBA championship.

Well Giannis might be the nicest NBA player I've ever seen and he just won a title last year. As for Tatum's quote, he immediately added that he "never like doubted himself" so give the man a break for a split instant of questioning.

Tatum also used the qualifier of a "group like this. Bird, Jordan, and Isiah Thomas all won multiple titles, but the group of teammates they had was just as important as them being the leaders. Sometimes you have a bad fit. Ainge questioned the fit, Stevens did as well, so Tatum having this thought in my mind does not display weakness on his part.

In the end, the group ended up doing what was necessary to become a TEAM and have made the NBA Finals. If Tatum never leads a team to a championship than this argument can be revisited. For now I believe its much ado about nothing.