Perkins says Celtics have one of the BEST DEFENSES in NBA HISTORY

Former Boston Celtics championship center Kendrick Perkins has gone full NBA talking head in the past few years. He's flip flopped time and time again on his Celtics predictions, but he's been consistent on how good the Celtics defense is. Stephen A. Smith who tends to say more nonsense than solid points has been rather accurate with many of his recent Celtics assesments of late in a sign that the world might be coming to an end.

While Marcus Smart has an odd dichotomy of Celtics fans where many treat him like some god and others think he's trash, the objective reality is he's a good player who helps you win some games and can also cause you to lose some games. He's the type of player you want on your team, but he will also make you cringe.

Stephen A. Smith is correct that an Achilles heel for this Celtics game is close games and not having a true floor general and I'm sorry to say he is right. Smart has made strides as a point guard, but he's no Rajon Rondo, Dennis Johnson, Tiny Archibald, JoJo White, or Bob Cousy.

You can't play Smart off the ball down the stretch because he will then just shoot, but if you have him run the show, he can try to play hero ball too much. There's the rub. So in the end Udoka will just have to live with the pros and cons and as Celtics fans, let's just hope we can have four blowout wins in our favor this coming series, so we don't need to worry about end of the game execution.