Afternoon Delight: The Lakers season summed up in one GIF

The Lakers hit loss number 40 last night versus the Minnesota Timberwolves who won their 41st game of the season. It was fitting that the Lakers were wearing their home egg yolk colored jerseys while playing a game in Minneapolis. The Los Angeles Lakers claim the five championships from back when the team played in Minneapolis. The team has never retired any of the numbers of the Minnesota players that won them those titles, but they claim them nonetheless.

For this reason it's always important to correct any fan who erroneously claims the Los Angeles Lakers have won 17 titles. They've won 12. And 13 won't be coming this season. Despite the Hollywood draw attracting star players to sign and/or force trades to the Lakers and the team getting three #2 overall picks and one #4 overall pick due to years of sucking in the two thousand teens (and lottery luck) the Celtics' rival franchise out west has looked like a dumpster fire this season. And we are here for it.

Russell Westbrook has been the year long scapegoat for LeLakers fans this year. Honestly I feel bad for him, since his shooting numbers are about the same as they've always been. A year ago he was credited with leading the Washington Wizards on a great second half of the season run, with presumably less talent, but this year the Lakers have sucked and if you can't blame LeBron, you need a scapegoat.

Towns reaction to this air ball is hilarious, regardless of the context. But it also makes a perfect GIF cover art to the 2021-22 Lakers season.

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