A guide to betting on basketball

Basketball can turn out to be one of the most profitable sports for you, but not without doing your homework first. This article talks about the best NBA betting strategies and options. Before it gets into that, you need to create an account with a legal bookmaker in your state. Considering how far mobile technologies have come, this shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

You need a secure internet connection to sign up, and that's all. When choosing a sportsbook, it's best to stick to legitimate, well-established, reputable platforms.

Differences Between States

Your location is crucial in terms of the offerings you can access. For example, the situation with sports betting apps in Ohio is a bit complicated because no sportsbooks have launched in the state yet. However, this is expected to happen on January 1, 2023, if not sooner. On the other hand, states like New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island have many appealing promotions and welcome bonuses.

Betting Lines

Let's take the possibility of betting on NBA games as an example. The possible lines are point spread, moneyline, juice, prop bets, under and over bets, and more. The point spread is the most popular basketball betting option, aiming to balance two teams' differences in strength.

The underdog has a positive spread next to their name, and the favorite - a negative one. The latter must win the game by a margin that's higher than the value of the spread. The underdog can either lose by less than that value or triumph over the favorite to produce a winning wager.


This is a popular bet because of how straightforward it is. You just try to guess who you think will win. Among the factors determining the odds are injuries, the opponent's form, and rest times.

The Juice and Prop Bets

The juice is the price of betting on the point spread. Prop bets are more suitable for bettors with experience who have prior knowledge of NBA teams. You can bet which team will score a specific number of points first or bet on the star's final score. The possibilities are practically endless.

Totals, Over, Under

Punters try to guess how many points will be scored in a game by analyzing two NBA opponents' offense and defense capabilities. As for over/under, you bet if the end result will be higher or lower than the benchmark. The juice is identical to the point spread value: -110.


You can bet on a team's number of winnings or which team will win the league pre-season. The earlier you wager, the more you stand to win.

Additional Tips

Here are some extra tips to make your NBA betting more lucrative and exciting. Consider a team's top player's shape. Has he suffered an injury recently? Is he going through personal things? This information will help you beat the bookie at his own game.

Look for the Best Odds

Try to find out if you can find improved odds for the moneyline before placing your bet. Compare platforms online for the best odds.

Bet Against the Crowd

Going against the grain is a smart approach when it comes to betting on basketball. Follow your intuition and the latest updates on injuries to increase your odds of winning.

Study Matchups

Last but not least, every team has its fortes and downsides. Check the rivals' head-to-head comparisons prior to making a prop bet or a spread bet. One such source is the NBA's matchup page.