Zion Williamson could be facing another foot surgery in his near future

If you're a fan of NBA basketball, watching Zion Williamson play last season was a joy to see. The overpowering ability of a Shaquille O'Neal with the athleticism of a LeBron James. Unfortunately Zion is now getting compared to Greg Oden as well due to his injuries.

Zion should be able to get his career back on track. I mean he's young and got himself into very good shape prior to the draft. Of course it's harder to get in shape when you have to rest you foot, but just saying that most likely Zion will return as good as ever. This news about soreness and another possible surgery though is a gut punch to Pelicans and NBA fans.

Regardless if he gets another surgery or not, the Pelicans are going to offer him a max contract this offseason and he will accept. But then if New Orleans doesn't win, you'll start to hear the chatter of a trade, since the NBA player empowerment movement has led to players being able to more or less demand trades even if under a long term contract.