BREAKING: Celtics trade Josh Richardson, Romeo Langford, AND a 1st rounder to Spurs for Derek White

Looks like quite an overpay on the Celtics part. Josh Richardson and Romeo Langford for Derrick White would have seemed like a gamble on the Celtics part considering White's contract, but the first round picks make this trade a no-brainer.

Rooting for White in Boston, as I root for all the Celtics, but let's be honest here, if Stevens had been able to trade a guy on a questionable contract for one to two first round picks, a recent 2019 first round pick, and a guy shooting 40% on 3's this season in Josh Richardson, people would be lauding Brad as the GOAT.

White is shooting just 31% on the year from behind the arc, but has shot better is his career. White who turns 28 years old in July is a half year younger than Josh Richardson. He will need to make a leap in his game at a rather late age for an NBA player to make one for this trade to make sense for Boston.