2nd Time's the Charm: Players Who've Had 2 Runs in Green

When Daniel Theis returns in Celtic uniform following the recent trade with Houston, he will be the eleventh player in history to have had two runs with Boston in their careers. The notable part of this list is that four of these Celtic Comebacks happened within the past year under the management of first-year GM Brad Stevens.  And while in re-acquiring Theis he traded away one of the players he had brought back (Enes), Brad is re-assembling the team with pieces who he is familiar with and feels can work for Ime's system.  

Brad's trade deadline transactions also created five open roster spots (update: two of the slots have been taken by Luke 'the Green' Kornet and Sam Hauser).  Could one of them be available to another former Celtic who's eager to make his own second run in Beantown?  What time is it?  

Check out the list of two-time Celts below:

Daniel Theis
2017-21 - started his NBA career with C's, after pro career in Germany/Euro leagues; traded to CHI at '21 deadline
2021-22 - re-acquired at trade deadline for Schroder, Enes Freedom, and Bruno Fernando

Don Chaney
1968-75 - stared NBA career with Celtics, then played briefly with LAL and the ABA (St. Louis)
1977-80 - came back to NBA and ended career with Celtics

Enes Kanter/Freedom
2019-20 - signed with BOS as a free agent; played 58 games
2021-22 - returned to BOS as a free agent; traded at the recent deadline for Theis

Gerald Green
2005-07 - NBA rookie with Celts; traded to MIN in '07 as part of KG deal
2016-17 - returned to BOS as a free agent; played 47 games

Al Horford
2016-19 - signed as a free agent in the summer of '16; left BOS in '19 as free agent
2021-22 - re-acquired in trade with OKC for Kemba Walker

Joe Johnson
2001-02 - entered NBA as a Celt
2021-22 - signed as a hardship exception free agent; released after 10-day contract

Mikki Moore
2002-03 - played only 3 games before getting cut (no photo)
2008-09 - played 24 games

Gary Payton
2004-05 - acquired from LAL in '04 offseason; traded to ATL at deadline, was waived, then re-signed with BOS for remainder of season

Antoine Walker
1996-2003 - started NBA career with Celts; traded to DAL at the start of the '04 season
2004-05 - re-acquired following trade with ATL (which involved Payton)

Delonte West
2004-07 - started NBA career as Celt; traded to MIN as part of KG deal
2010-11 - signed as a free agent; played 24 games

Eric Williams
1995-97 - started career as Celt; traded to DEN in '97 offseason
1999-2004 - re-acquired from DEN after two unsuccessful seasons with Nuggets