Video: Jaylen Brown for De'Aaron Fox swap debated

NBC Sports Boston's Chris Forsberg, Tom Curran, and DJ Bean discussed a Jaylen Brown for De'Aaron Fox swap upon hearing the news that Fox could very well be available now. Previously the Kings were adamant that they wouldn't trade Fox and turned down a Ben Simmons for Fox offer. With the further emergence of Tyrese Haliburton and the Kings continued struggles, it appears things have changed.

As is usually the case, the guy who covers the Celtics and is attached to the players, Chris Forsberg, was against the trade, while the radio guy who doesn't cover the team, Tom Curran, was for mixing things up. Forsberg's rationale was a bit flawed though as he wasn't against the Jaylen for Fox swap in terms of talent for talent, it was because he thought the Celtics would be better off with a 3 star team.

Forsberg didn't explain how Tatum and Brown and the current roster was more likely to bring in a 3rd star, than Tatum, Fox, and the current roster. One thing I've always known is that if the Celtics do eventually add Jayson Tatum's friend Bradley Beal, that Jaylen is a goner. Either in a trade for Beal (which would be a colossal mistake) or afterwards.

There's absolutely no way three high scoring wings in Tatum, Beal, and Jaylen could coexist. Fox as a point guard would seem to fit better, but he's more of a scoring point guard himself, so I'm not sure he's ideal. Furthermore Fox is not a strong 3-point shooter which is a major deficiency in today's NBA for a point guard. He is lightning fast and a great talent, don't get me wrong.

I guess I just feel like if you're going to trade Jaylen for a "star" point guard who position wise should fit better with Tatum, and he's not a great shooter, shouldn't he at least be an elite passer? Would Fox and Tatum be better than Ben Simmons and Tatum? I know Boston fans hate Simmons, but I'm talking basketball wise. Now if Fox improved his 3-point shooting and upped his assist numbers, than he would in fact be an ideal running mate for Tatum.

I was hoping that either Tatum or Jaylen would make the leap to solid playmaker this season, which would make them more compatible, but unfortunately that's not the case. What the Jay's really need is a Chris Paul type to run the show, but there is no means to get one. Boston would have to tank and get a top 5 pick and trade it for Damian Lillard to make something like that happen. And that's not going to happen.

One thing is for sure, and that's if Stevens decides to break up the Jay's, he only has one shot. He needs to make sure the player he's getting back is another young star, since you simply can't lose an asset like Tatum or Brown for less talent.

Further complicating matters between Fox and Jaylen is that Fox gets paid more and Jaylen is on a team friendly deal. Personally to make this trade more equal, the Kings should be including another solid asset in any deal.

I'm pretty sure most Celtics fans would say no, but if the Kings offered Fox and their 2022 1st rounder unprotected for Jaylen, I think Stevens pulls the trigger on that deal. And for those of you that hate draft picks, that pick would then be a prime asset to flip in a trade with other Celtics players and picks for a 3rd star.

With all that said, I highly doubt the Kings offer Fox AND an unprotected 1st for Jaylen, but keep an eye on the Kings if and when Stevens decides to make his move.