Boston 's new indoor COVID-19 vaccine requirement provides loophole for unvaxxed Celtics

Due to spiking COVID cases and hospitalizations, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu today announced new vaccine requirements, that at first it appeared would affect unvaxxed Celtics similar to New York City and Kyrie Irving.

In the coming weeks and months, all eligible individuals will be required to show proof that they’re fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to be allowed inside restaurants, gyms, museums, and other indoor venues in Boston.

Along with other local communities, Mayor Michelle Wu announced Monday that Boston is phasing in a vaccine requirement this winter for certain indoor venues, amid spiking cases and hospitalizations due to COVID-19

The requirement will apply to indoor dining at restaurants, including bars and nightclubs; indoor fitness centers; and indoor recreational spaces, like theaters, concert venues, and sports arenas.

The city reportedly decided to give the Boston Celtics a loophole though: Prior to the season, two prominent NBA players faced not being able to play in their city's home games, the Warriors' Andrew Wiggins and the Nets' Kyrie Irving. Wiggins decided to get the vaccine to make himself eligible, while Irving has yet to play a game for the Nets this season. The Celtics are believed to be one of the NBA teams that isn't 100% vaxxed. Josh Richardson was one player that said he wasn't vaccinated in training camp. It's unclear if he has since or if there are any other unvaxxed Celtics. The Celtics recently announced that Richardson has been placed back in Health and Safety Protocols. He joins Al Horford, Grant Williams, Sam Hauser, and Jabari Parker. Why did the city give the Celtics this exemption and not even mandate that unvaxxed players at least wear masks? Well you'll have to ask the city.

UPDATE: The Celtics reportedly have multiple players that are unvaccinated.