Here’s why NBA players should take more buzzer beating heaves instead of worrying about shooting percentages

Montrezl Harrell was probably the unlikliest player on either the Celtics or Wizards rosters to hit a 3-pointer, let alone a half court heave. But he still took it prior to the end of the 2nd quarter Saturday night and that decision was the difference between the Wizards piucking up a win in double overtime or a loss in regulation.

Seems obvious to at least attempt these shots, but over the years with the emergence of analytics, players have dribbled out the clocks at the end of the first three quarters with a much greater prevalence.

The reason is they don't want their shooting percentages and 3-point percentages to take a hit due to these very low percentage shots. The slightly lower your percentage is, the less money you make.

But every possession counts. Whether it's a wide open lay-up, a contested fall-away jumper, or a half court (or three quarter court) heave. If the Wiz dribble out the clock there, the Cerltics win in regualtion by 3.

I've seen plenty of games in recent years where teams didn't take that shot. Or worse the player dribbles out the clock and then takes it. And in many of those games the final score is within 3.

So next time a quarter is ending, let's hope Ime Udoka makes sure a Celtics player is attempting that heave. Every possession counts.