Enes Kanter rips LeBron James (again) prior to Celtics vs Lakers match-up

Enes Kanter has been critical previously of Lakers star LeBron James' hypocritcal stands on social justice. While James has been a stong advocate of causes that affect him and the Black community and has asked others to support them, when it came to China's inhumanity he famously threw Daryl Morey under the bus after the GM sent out a tweet supporting human rights in Hong Kong.

The major differnece was that getting on the bad side of China would cause a major financial blow back to the NBA, it's owner, LeBron and the rest of the players. LeBron excused himself from the discussion and said he needed to research further, but then never chimed back in.

That's the background context to Kanter's Thursday tweet. The "Shut up and dribble" dig is a call back to when Laura Ingraham said those words to Lebron on her show in response to LeBron's tweets on racial justice. Of course, LeBron didn't stop tweeting about racial justice in America. He just hasn't updated his stance on China where he also makes tens of millions a year from his sneaker deal.