Jaylen Brown out tonight with COVID-19, Dennis Schroder questionable with knee issue

Well that Celtics being at full strength thing didn't last for long. Yesterday we learned that Jaylen Brown had tested positive for COVID-19. Not sure if he is vaccinated or not (Hope he is), but just a reminder that in terms of contracting COVID-19 the vaccine significantly reduces the odds, but doesn't eliminate them.

Being vaccinated even more significantly reduces the chances of death or that someone will need hospitalization. And in terms of helping your fellow teammates and everyone around you, being vaccinated reduces the chance of you spreading the virus as well as it reduces the chances for more mutations.

The longer that people refuse to get vaccinated the longer this pandemic will last with more mutations. For an extremely healthy 24 year old like Jaylen Brown, we don't really need to worry about him being hospitalized or dying, but Jayson Tatum is still using an inhaler almost a year since getting COVID. Let's hope that both of our young All-Stars don't end up with long term COVID.

Celtics leaders like Tatum, Smart, and Jaylen have done a horrible job in terms of helping to promote vaccination in the Black community (This is a sub group that has a poor vaccination percentage.) NBA legends like Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul Jabbar on the flip side have both worked hard to promote COVID-19 vaccination.

The current NBA stars have really dropped the ball on this. LeBron James who has the biggest platform of them all, bowed out from doing any type of PSA's. Of course he got vaccinated to protect himself, his loved ones, and his paycheck, but in terms of helping others, he passed. Reminds me of his sitting out the whole Hong Kong thing and being critical of Daryl Morey.

The Celtics were the team most decimated by COVID-19 last season. They lost the most player games to it and as mentioned prior their franchise player suffered from long term COVID. Unlike other teams that are fully vaccinated, who knows with the Celtics? Pretty sure Josh Richardson isn't at the least.

Depending on how many Celtics remain unvaccinated, expect the team to lose a lot of player games this season as well. Of course vaccinated players will miss out on games too, but would you rather have 1 Celtics player out or 5?

Since Dennis Schroder's injury is causing him to just be listed as "questionable" for tonight as opposed to "out," we can cautiously assume it's not a major deal right now. But if it's going to be a lingering thing if he plays on it, then Brad Stevens and Ime Udoka, please shut him down until he's 100%.

I'm tired of not getting the best out of Celtics players for a season due to a lingering knee issue. Just last year we had Jaylen, Kemba Walker, and Marcus Smart in that group.

Basketball wise, the silver lining of these setbacks is that it's the preseason so we could still potentially have the full roster come opening night in eleven days.