Throwback Thursday: Cowens says Havlicek was as good as it gets

I'm not a huge fan of G.O.A.T. discussions. Would prefer if everyone would just appreciate the many greats. Not sure when this Dave Cowens interview was from, but sounds like maybe early 1980's or something. So before anyone gets in an uproar about Michael Jordan or LeBron James please remember this.

But even in 2021 it's worth mentioning how John Havlicek gets slept on when discussing all time greats. Take a look at how his stats compare to Jordan for example:

Again, I'm not saying Hondo was better or on par with Jordan, just saying he was an all-time great. And as Celtics fans we need to keep bringing up the names of Larry Bird, Bill Russell, and Hondo, since the talking heads of today tend to only focus on Jordan and players who wore the purple and egg yolk for Los Angeles.