How many more tweets will SB Nation's Celtics Blog copy of Celtics Life's this month?

You'd think that the people who run SB Nation's Celtics Blog with all the money and resources they have via SB Nation and Vox Media wouldn't have to continue to copy independent Celtics blogs like Celtics Life practically verbatim, but here we are. Don't follow them, but these pictured above are recent examples of them just ripping off us that was brought to my attention. Who knows how much more stuff they've copied verbatim from us, you, or others?

I wonder how many posts from our site they've ripped off in the past 12 years? It just seems silly and unnecessary for a highly financed corporate blog to blatantly copy an independent one's tweets. "We talkin' about tweets? Not posts, but tweets? We talkin' about tweets?" At least mix it up a little in the future.

In the 12 years of our site's existence, we've had multiple shirt designs/ideas ripped off and people cropping out the "" from EK's art and then posting it as our known. And there have been countless times where you'll see a very unique trade idea or "Green Target" that we came up and then like clockwork it's on another corporate backed blog with no mention of where they got the idea from. But repeated copying of tweets verbatim is a new one.

*Well originally by Oscar Wilde.  Might have been tweeted over 100 years
later by SB Nation's Celtics blog sans the "Oscar Wilde" part.

Looks like it's not just us: