Robert Williams listed as "Probable" for Tuesday's play-in tournament game

This is close to as good as you could have hoped for injury report-wise for the day before a game. Jaylen Brown is obvioulsy out for the season, so he doesn't really count right now in terms of day to day iunjury updates. Kemba Walker and Marcus Smart who both were out this week with injuries, but really just the Celtics resting them, are good to go. So is Tristan Thompson who sat out some games as well. No mystery players popped up on this either.

Regarding Robert Williams, "probable" was as good as you were going to get today. Since Time Lord couldn't make it through the entire last game he played it, the team will want to make sure he's feeling as healthy as he is today when they set line-ups tomorrow. But it looks like Boston will have a full squad tommorrow (again minus Jaylen). This was the reason Celtics were so conservative with their players these final few weeks. Boston doesn't have the depth to play without any of their top 6 remaining players.