Jaylen Brown is out tomorrow, and every game left is crucial for getting a top 5 seed

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Boston is going to be missing Jaylen for at least tomorrow night and probably for a couple games most likely as he heals a sprained ankle suffered on Sunday night. Luckily, that play spared Jayson Tatum so he is able to continue playing as the team is desperate for wins at this point. The Celtics only need one win to guarantee a spot in the play in games but that is definitely not the goal. 

Ideally, Boston would sneak into the 4th seed but the likely scenario is that they can take over the 5th seed from Miami. Miami is down big tonight against Dallas and were they to lose, Boston would come within half a game of 5th place. Miami also has a meeting with Milwaukee and Philly in the next week so they have their work cut out for them. However, the 5th seed could very well be decided by the mini series between Miami and Boston on the upcoming Sunday and Tuesday. If either team could secure both games of that mini series, they would win the tiebreaker and gain a huge advantage in the standings. The Celtics would have just three games left, therefore if they drop both those games they will almost certainly be in the play-in, barring a Miami collapse.