Green Envy: What Wizards Fans said 5/18

The Celts unfortunately had to duke it out in the first ever play-in tournament but thankfully came out with the 118-100 win behind Jayson Tatum's 50(!). Kinda seems like these kind of games are becoming commonplace for him, yeah? Let's hope so Celtics fans! The Wizards have been on a tear lately and seemed to have figured some things out. They pushed their way from the bottom of the standings all the way to the 8th seed to be able to challenge for 7th today. Them not winning tonight means they have to defend their 8th place finish against the Pacers on Thursday. Let's hear how they feel.

Well that was embarrassing

u can buy a brick at home depot for 50 cents and the wiz bought one for 80 mil

Is there a sucker,ugh i mean, smart team who desperately wants to contend and think they are a "shooter" away? Please take bertans. He is really good. Really awesome. I promise. And it would cost you surprisingly low for such an incredible asset

Russ’ best play tonight was slapping the shit out of Alex Len on that putback dunk. Unbelievable

Bertans really got 33 minutes. For what?

I hope we beat Indiana and I think we can. But if the Celtics without Brown smack us like this, Philly will destroy us.
This loss just reminded me we'll probably continue to be a 7 or 8 seed for the next couple of years even with Brad and Russ. Just don't have the ammo to make any major moves and make the next step.

This celtics team is not good at all and we just got blown out. That should tell you all about our chances in the playoffs

Spurs fans warned us about playoff bertans.

Refs were anus but so were we

E M B A R R A S I N G .

Hey, we get a home game against the pacers to make the playoffs. Two months ago I would have called you crazy

THEE Washington Wizards.. Keeping Liquor store cashiers employed since 1961

We’re 3-0 against the pacers this season. Let’s get it guys. We were meant to be an 8th seed anyway.

Bruh we really fucking lost to Evan fucking Fournier
        -as is tradition

Embid might just average 60 on us if we make it

Here’s the win-win y’all. If we beat the Pacers then we play the Sixers who are not the Nets. Also if we lose to the Pacers then Brooks is a goner.

All I know is that pacers vs wizards will be a shootout

We have a better chance against philly anyway. 3 bigs to throw at embiid

Losing sucks. Losing to Boston is the fucking worst.

the fact that tatum was guarded by smith or westbrook on so many possessions is infinitely frustrating

I posted a thread about Doug McDermott better than Bertans and got downvoted. Doesn’t look so ridiculous now does it?

Bertans needs to be traded before next season. I’m done with him. Fuck Scott Brooks. This bitch is a clueless dumbass

Damn. Sixers fan here. Really wanted a Wiz-Nets series.

We just don’t have good role players, and we don’t have good coaching so we just have bodies standing

Wanted to comment in this thread to post my obligatory fuck you Scott Brooks.

Beal is not a number 1 and would've been one of the worst scoring champs if he won it. He's not that guy.

I feel so sorry for Beal, having Westbrook to drag him down...

On to Indiana, I guess. Hopefully Westbrook doesn’t sell that game too

ah wizards choked must be the playoffs

That effort level tonight outside of Ish was reminiscent of 2019 wizards. Anybody who thought this team could have scared the Nets should be shot out of a cannon

Wiz threw the game for a Nets-Wizards ECF series. 900 IQ play

Our 3 pt specialist went 0-7

Marv had a better game than us

Bertans is the worst basketball player I’ve ever seen! Slow, shitty defense, only shoots 3’s, rarely makes 3’s, commits dumb fouls, and is ugly. I wish we traded him instead of TBJ

Shoulda just tanked for Cade

Brad, maybe you should care a little more that you shit the bed. All buddy buddy with Tatum, he just lit your ass up.

Beal laughing with tatum post game is everything wrong with the wizs

Can’t even blame the refs our whole team just bricked

Kemba and Tatum tryna get Beal to come there

Damn Westbrook’s team takeover ran out

Russ KD would have been mad entertaining NGL.
        -No it wouldn’t have

Westbrook experiment is over. The fact that he fucking ditches the team is embarrassing. Who the fuck is he to just leave? What has he accomplished?

Westbrook got injured on one of the plays before he left too. Sad end to the season.

Wow, we suck again.

I ask for a triple double, 30 points, and a good game and what do we get?

I hope everyone has thought long and hard about their past Ish slander. He's the only one who showed up for us tonight.

Do the Celtics really want to face the Nets

That damn basketball shooting dog lied to us! Lied!

The Celtics are perfect example of how a team with less talent can win because they have a better coach

Stop treating Tacko like some victory cigar, smh trash

I love this team and everything but damn do they know how to kill the playoff mood

What a total disappointment of a game. Feels like January Wizards.

We gotta watch bertans until 2025 lmao

Yeah people saw a Latvian shooting 3s and immediately thought he was prime porzingis.

If the Lakers get knocked out in the play ins I'll feel a little better (So would we to be honest)

Bertans with the airball is how we deserve to close out the game tonight.

Westbrook's last relevant postseason moment took place 5 years ago.


Celtics are going to get waxed by the Nets in the playoffs lmao. So excited for a first round exit 😂

I never want to hear Marv Albert and Grant Hill have a discussion about anything ever again. Most boring in-game announcer combo I’ve ever heard.

pray for Kemba, keeps getting smacked by invisible ghosts and flailing around, truly sad to see

Wonder what team Bertans plays for next year, hopefully it isn’t this one

Bertans making 3rd best player money while being like the 7th-8th best player on the team. Nice

Scott Brooks shouldn't be allowed to be coach of rec league basketball.

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