Classic Celtics hater calls Lebron “Goat” for the same thing he ripped Tatum for

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Nick Wright is a well documented Celtics hater and Lebron ass kisser so this comes at absolutely zero surprise. I refuse to use Nick Wright in the title or picture, I wouldn’t want to bloat his ego much further.  If you missed last night’s game, Lebron James made a terrific big time shot late in last nights 7 and 8 matchup. It was undoubtedly a great shot, though was not remotely close to a last second type “clutch” shot as there were 58 seconds on the clock in a tied ball game when he shot it. 

Think about it, if he or anyone else for hat matter were to miss that shot, nobody would think twice about it as there was still a minute left to play and they would’ve gotten another couple chances at least. Therefore, it shouldn’t be treated as this all time great shot as some are making out to be. It was great, it was clutch, but it was not an all time great.

Meanwhile, the FS1 talking head is calling people out for saying the shot was “lucky”. Now, I’m not going to say it was lucky, because even though Lebron is not a great shooter, he is one of the two best players to ever touch a basketball and can make big time shots. The problem with Nick’s critique is that he blasted Jayson Tatum for banking in a three to win it against all-mighty Giannis in a one on one situation, at the buzzer, I might add. Wright was all over Twitter and national television claiming it to be a lucky shot. Personalities like his are the reason I cannot sit though any national coverage of sports. It makes since for there to be bias in local coverage, but bias in national coverage is just unbearable.