Checking in on Celtics draft and stash draft pick Yam Madar

Due to the draft taking place in December and the pandemic, we didn't get to see a Summer League this year. The first action for Celtics first round draft picks Aaron Nesmith and Payton Pritchard came during the NBA's truncated preseason. Prior to his injury, Pritchard burst on the scene, while Nesmith's play hasn't been as consistent so far.

The Celtics third draft pick of the night Yam Madar was drafted with the intent of not bringing him over immediately. I really like Madar. I can see a Tony Parker like style to his game, but with better range. Here are Yam's highlights from his last three games courtesy of Tomasz Kordylewski. Madar scored 22, 22, and 25 points respectively in the week's games.