New Orleans Pelicans reportedly considering moving Lonzo Ball and J.J. Redick

According to Shams Charania, the New Orleans Pelicans could be looking to shake things up and a couple of their guards are likely on the market. While some Celtics fans might be intrigued by J.J. Redick, reality is the sharpshooter is going to turn 37 this offseason and is more or less toast. Lonzo Ball is the bigger name and I'm a little surprised to hear his name be put out there, but then you remember his free agency is coming up and you understand why the Pelicans might want to cash out before having to deal with those negotiations.

Danny Ainge tends to at least inquire about almost every decent player that hits the market, but I have a hard time seeing a fit here. I think Ball can have a solid NBA career, but I just don't see it happening in Boston. So to sum things up, Redick isn't good enough anymore to be worthy of using the trade exception for and Ball while talented, doesn't fit with the Celtics roster.

The trade deadline will be here before you know it and we should hear some more intriguing names. The key is to acquire a player who projects to be good moving on, and not just a name. Lonzo Ball career stats via Basketball Reference:

J.J. Redick career stats via Basketball Reference: