Monday Math: Can you solve Aron Baynes' jersey number Algebra?

Or is it Calculus?

Keeping up with a former Celtic who fans loved, Aron Baynes was asked yesterday the significance of his number 46. While most players when joining the Celtics aren't able to select their first choice (Or 2nd. Or 3rd. Or..) when choosing a jersey number, Baynes apparently put a lot of thought into his choice and has continued to wear #46 in Phoenix and now Toronto. Baynes' explanation sounds like a pretty elaborate mathematical equation. I don't know about you, but I love a little math on a Monday.
So x=46. Leave a comment (Yes they should be working now and there is even an option to use Facebook comments in addition to Disqus. Yes I am aware this "technology" was available like a decade ago) with how Baynes used his childen's birthdays to arrive at his magical number.

Make sure to show all work!