Celtics reportedly trying to change Hornets minds on signing Hayward outright & instead do a sign-&-trade

Well after the devastating blow of Ainge not making a deal with Indiana when he had a chance and the Hornets swooping in today with a Godfather-esque offer Hayward couldn't refuse, Celtics fans finally received some good news this evening. For one the Celtics added big man Tristan Thompsonand now it appears that the Hornets may consider a sign-and-trade. That reportedly was off the table after it came out that Charlotte was going to waive Nicolas Batum with the stretch provision. But maybe someone convinced Michael Jordan that there may be a more fiscally wise route. What the Celtics would get in a sign-and-trade is unclear. One thing is for sure, they aren't getting players of the caliber of Myles Turner and TJ Warren. Some have speculated that the Celtics might have to even kick in a first rounder just to get a trade exception, so at least there is some potential for Ainge to salvage this mess. Regardless, the Celtics beat writers all love Ainge, so no matter what the narrative of what went down with Hayward is going to be spun to make Danny look better. I mean it's already begun. But maybe he pulls off some 11th hour magic and gets a trade exception and 1st from Charlotte for taking back a bad contract, and then uses that 1st and the trade exception to acquire the most intriguing free agent still available Bogdan Bogdanovic. I really want to write a blog about how well Danny did. I know there are a lot of kook aid drinkers on Twitter that think Danny can do no wrong and I'm too hard on him. But I'm just trying to evaluate him objectively which maybe at least some people want, since the paid media won't. But do something amazing here, so I can write a complimentary post about you Danny. Fingers crossed.