NBA, Celtics Rumors: GM Ainge Says Kemba Walker was "not himself"

The Boston Celtics missed against the Miami Heat the first time in the finals in ten years. General Manager Danny Ainge now stated in his final PK that Kemba Walker was not in his best shape in the playoffs. He also promised Jayson Tatum a contract extension.

Kemba Walker struggled with knee problems during the season, but according to Boston's general manager Danny Ainge there will be no operation in the offseason. Fans of the team could place their bets online with bonus codes found on for major betting agencies. Nevertheless, Ainge said that Walker could not build on his top form from the early phase of the season.

"He doesn't want to say that [he wasn't himself]. He doesn't say that to the coaches, to the media or to me. I haven't heard a single excuse from him, but when I've seen the games, you could." realize that he was physically out of shape for October, November, or December. "

According to Ainge, they will now sit down and forge a plan on how to better protect Kemba and keep him in good physical shape for the entire season.

Walker had some good moments in the playoffs, but the numbers show that the point guard was not completely up to date. The 30-year-old only met 31 percent of his three-pointers in his 17 games in the postseason, and over 38 percent in the regular season.

Boston Celtics: Ainge suggests maximum extension for Jayson Tatum

The go-to guy in the playoffs was instead Jayson Tatum, who can get a contract extension this offseason. Danny Ainge is not yet allowed to speak about it, but the GM signaled that it was just a formality.

"Jayson knows how much we value him," said Ainge. "We have a good relationship and Jayson likes it here too. I am optimistic that we will come to an agreement in the offseason."

Tatum can sign a rookie extension at the start of the Free Agency, his contract still runs until 2021. Since the 22-year-old was elected to the All-NBA Third Team this season, he can be a maximum of 30 percent of the salary cap (without All-NBA it 25) claim. How much that will be then has not yet been determined, because due to the corona pandemic it is not yet clear how high the salary cap will be in the coming years.