Shaq blows a gasket after Barkley doesn't include him in All-Time Top 10

Love the classic Inside The NBA crew of Ernie, Kenny, and Charles. Shaq and Charles have some funny battles, but honestly the show would be even more entertaining with someone funnier than Shaq in 4th seat. On to the point at hand. Charles Barkley might be wrong about a lot of things, but he's spot on with not including Shaq in his All-Time Top 10. I mean Shaq had the potential to be in the top 10. Shoot he had the potential to be the GOAT. But career wise in no apparent order he's not better than Jordan, Magic, Bird, Russell, Wilt, Kareem or LeBron right? And he himself says he doesn't have himself above Hakeem, so that's eight players.

So that leaves two spots and off the top of my head, contemporaries like Kobe and Duncan had better careers. Then you have some older guys like Oscar and Moses. I could see Shaq at 13 overall. Maybe you could argue him at 11. But sorry big fella, seeing you in the top 10 would be more shocking than seeing you out of it.

The fact that Kenny Smith has Shaq in his Top 5 all-time is probably why he never got the front office gig he wanted by the way. Love the TNT crew for entertainment though.

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