NBA bubble being compared to Fyre festival as players share sad food, living conditions

Teams are making their way to the NBA bubble’s already looking pretty bad. A number of players have opened up about their concerns about the NBA bubble. They think following the rules will be difficult for a lot of players so keeping everyone safe from coronavirus isn’t a guarantee. Athletes have also poked some fun at the way everything is set up...the top seeded teams get the nicest hotels, while everyone else has to stay in grungier rooms.

"Are they making a big deal out of nothing?" 100% they and you are. NBA players didn't just enlist to go off to war. They chose to return to their jobs and are going to get paid millions for that. Well maybe not millions in Troy Daniels case. I feel bad about players and coaches having to leave their families for so long. That I can imagine is tough. But the food the first couole days? Nah.

Part of the reason they are getting these packaged meals is because they are quarantining right now. Would defeat the purpose if they were exposed to a bunch of cooks, servers, etc. Plus pizza day is coming up on Friday, so calm down.

I will say portion sizes could be bigger, but pretty sure if players requested a second, third, or eighth tray they'd get them. Well maybe not again Troy Daniels

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