Kendrick Perkins and Lou Williams get into a Twitter beef, and of course Kevin Durant chimes in

Here we go again. Kendrick Perkins says a lot of things that other media members, but it seems that when he says them players are extra sensitive. It's not just about stopping for some wings Lou. You knew ahead of time the rules of the bubble. You're not some random person going through the Chick-Fil-A drive thru.

And here's Perkins response:

And then Kevin Durant of course had to chime in though being Kevin Durant he didn't specifically say Perkins' name. Apparently this Kanye West line was supposed to be a shot at Perkins. Someone will have to explain to me how that works.

Former teammates Perkins and Durant have been going at it for quite some time, well since the former became an NBA commentator and sometimes says critical things about the latter. Durant last threw himself into the mix when Perkins criticized fellow thin skin all-star Kyrie Irving.
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Lou Williams was of course our poster boy for the following blog post where we alluded to players leaving the bubble. Of course Williams had a solid reason for leaving the bubble initially (a funeral), prior to going to an adult entertainment spot for wings.

Elephant in the room: How will NBA players cope with no sex for 2 months?

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