Growing number of NBA players having reservations about plan to restart season

The "Why do we have to come into work, but the Hornets don't?" look
So about that whole bubble quarantine thing? Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that some players from teams that aren't realistic contenders aren't really feeling the strict rules that would be in place to help keep everyone safe.

As players have started to come to terms with the restrictive and isolated nature of the Orlando bubble --- including no visitors until after the first round of the playoffs, nearly seven weeks after the opening of mid-July training camp -- there has been increased dialogue about the prudence of restarting the season for a number of players, especially those on non-championship contenders, sources said.

Executives and coaches around the NBA have had significant concern about how players will adapt to an environment unlike any they've ever experienced and how those hurdles could impact the sustained competitive drive for teams. Many have worried, too, especially on teams that aren't title contenders, if some players will start to seek avenues to bypass the resumption altogether.

Might be a little jealousy for the players on the 8 teams that aren't being invited to Disney World. They still get paid and get the summer off. Now the Celtics are considered contenders, so I doubt they are included in this group Woj is talking about. A player like LeBron James definitely wants to play because this is one of his last chances to get a championship. A player on the Wizards might not feel the juice is worth the squeeze just for the chance to sneak into the playoffs.

At the end of the day I don't expect many absences since there is money to be lost. Maybe some players get out or try to get out due to preexisting medical conditions. Maybe a few others for family reasons and if they are willing to forfeit the 8 games of pay, more power to them. All systems seem like a go for the league to complete their season and have a full playoffs this Summer (and into the early Fall).

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